MEE6 is an extremely predatory and user unfriendly bot, so here's a list of better bots that do everything MEE6 can and more!

🔍 Our Goal

The main issue we have with MEE6 is not its functionality but its business strategy. While it presents itself as a free bot with a comprehensive feature set, it has gradually removed essential features and placed them behind a paywall, making it less attractive for users who don't want to pay for premium access.
MEE6's marketing strategy targets inexperienced Discord users, making it appear as the only comprehensive bot available. This creates a false impression and encourages users to subscribe to premium plans.
We created this website to showcase other, more user-friendly and feature-rich bots that offer a better Discord experience without the need for paid subscriptions. Our goal is to empower users with the knowledge that there are viable alternatives to MEE6.
We respect the choice of those who use and enjoy MEE6. However, we believe that users should be aware of the limitations of the free version and the availability of other options. Discord's true essence lies in its community, and we believe that managing and moderating Discord servers should be accessible to everyone, free of charge.

📺 Need Another Explanation?

No Text To Speech made an excellent video demonstrating the sheer amount of greed and evil that would surely put anyone off of using MEE6 ever again.

🧭 How To Use

Our website shows you on the left the different sections for resources. The top labeled "All in One Replacements" offer alternative bots that should encompass a lot of features that for most people it's a drop-in replacement.
Below that we have a section labeled "MEE6 Plugin Replacements". These showcase bots, sometimes multiple bots that can specifically replace one MEE6 "Plugin" which we have categorized in said categories.
The 👑 emoji next to the plugin section indicates which ones are MEE6 Premium only. Yeah it's a lot.

📥 Join Our Discord Server

Join our Alternatives to MEE6 server to get help with transitioning, support with which bot to choose for which use-case, or even to get more recommendations of bots to choose for a specific task!

🧑‍💻 Want to Contribute?

Fork our GitHub Repository, add your content (preferrably in the same MarkDown and GitBook style as already featured on the pages, and create a pull request!
If you're contributions are significant enough and are of good quality, I'll merge and it'll be reflected on the website!
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