🔍 Overview

This versatile bot, while resembling MEE6 in style and appearance, offers a unique set of features under the hood. It includes plugins for custom command actions, information, leveling, moderation, tickets, and gatekeeping, among others. Its primary advantage over other bots lies in its user-friendly and straightforward web dashboard, inspired by the classic MEE6 dashboard.

This bot has stood the test of time and boasts a robust feature set. While it does have a few premium limitations, such as premium-exclusive suggestion management and enhanced custom action limits, these restrictions are generally rare and insignificant.

🤔 Who It's For

Atlas is a very customizable bot, especially with it's excellent Actions feature which is the same principal feature as Dyno's Custom Commands feature. It differentiates itself though by taking a 'less approachable' path and presenting it's interface and the way you create Actions in a more programmer-oriented way which isn't necessarily great for beginners or just not very code-versed individuals.

💵 Price

The main way Atlas gets money is by limiting features by the amount of said feature you can said, or locking certain features entirely, whilst not being nearly as restrictive as MEE6. that being said it is essentially the same model and does have the doors wide open for potential feature restrictions just like MEE6 has done.

Prime - €5 per Month

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