👑Invite Tracker

👑 MEE6

We're not entirely sure what you can do with the MEE6 Invite Tracker feature since it's a Premium feature and doesn't show us what you can configure if you have Premium. They describe it as: "Track how many people your members invite to your community and rank them in a leaderboard." and it costs €12 per Month.

🔍 Alternative 1: Invite Management (Invi Bot)

A really useful and plentiful bot that offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to tracking, verifying, and rewarding users for inviting people! Unfortunately, this bot doesn't have a web dashboard, but for the feature set that it has, it is hard to complain about that being missing, and at least their website gives an indication that they are working on that.

💵 Invite Managements Premium offerings are fairly mundane, the first tier gives you priority access to command and invite processing which we don't think is a huge drawback. There are 2 more tiers that offer various degrees of priority access and customization like a lot of other bots, but nothing that would restrict the feature set of the bot.

Tier 1 is $2.5 per Month, Tier 2 is $6 per Month and Tier 3 is $15 - $25 per Month depending on the amount of servers.

🔍 Alternative 2: Invite Tracker

Yet another bot whose name describes what it does! It is definitely the most popular alternative Invite Tracker out there, however it does seem to have a lot of premium/locked features. You can only blacklist 5 users from being tracked which if you run a large server might be a deal-breaker already.

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