🔍 Overview

Dyno, the OG general-purpose bot, remains a valuable tool for Discord server management. Despite being acquired by a company, it still offers a vast array of helpful commands and features that are essential for server creators, maintainers, and moderators.

Dyno excels in managing roles, particularly for larger servers, with its robust role commands and customizable custom commands interface. It also shines with its detailed purge/clean commands for maintaining order.

While Dyno's Premium plan has some limitations, most of them can be supplemented with other free bots or are reasonable for average servers. Overall, Dyno remains a powerful and versatile tool for managing Discord servers effectively.

🤔 Who's It For

Dyno is an extremely wide-reaching bot, and as such it's a very good choice for pretty much every type of server and every level of Discord Administrator. However we wouldn't recommend it for extremely large Discord servers that are very active and rely heavily on moderation since Dyno is historically more prone to downtime.

💵 Price

Dyno has 2 different levels of premium you can subscribe to. The first tier relies more heavily on added features such as advanced automod (Which really only adds logging) and a few other features that can be easily appended by different bots such as Starboard and Reddit feeds.

The second tier relies more on the desire for customization in the same way that MEE6 does it. This tier which is twice as expensive allows you to do, what MEE6 calls "Building your own Discord Bot", with Dyno which is to give it a custom avatar, name, playing status, etc.

Tier 1 - $5 per Month ($50 per Year)

Tier 2 - $10 per Month ($100 per Year)

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