👑Custom Commands

👑 MEE6

We're not entirely sure why the Custom Commands section needs to be a completely separate section/"plugin" and doesn't show us what you can configure if you have Premium. Our guess is it's just another premium feature to boast. They describe it as: "Automate tedious tasks or provide quick access to frequently used information using /commands." and it costs €12 per Month.

🔍 Alternative 1: Altas Bot

We already discussed Atlas Bot in the previous section on Automations and since they're essentially the same features we'll mention them here too.

Atlas Bot's Actions feature can do so many different things and is smart enough to combine the "Automation" function together with the "Custom Commands" function. Therefore it has the same awesome customization and creative control as all of the other Actions but now you can trigger them with a custom slash command.

💵 Atlas Bot gives you a generous 25 Actions to start, and for €5 you can upgrade that to 100 Actions.

🔍 Alternative 2: Custom Command Bot

The name of the bot hits the nail on the head and we think it has definitely earned its name. The UI of the web dashboard does leave a lot to be desired as it is a bit of a mid-2010s era design, but what it lacks in design it more than makes up for in function.

You can obviously create slash commands, regular word commands, and reaction commands with it, and with staggering levels of customization as it's another style of Custom Command creators that relies on a programming style of input to set up the commands. Don't fear though, they have an excellent Documentation to help you figure everything out!

💵 Custom Command Bot limits how often you can send commands and also how many commands you can create. You can upgrade for $6 per month or $8 per Month if you also want all of your members to be cached (ie. Very quickly accessible by the bot)

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