MEE6's Recording Plugin may as well be premium locked as well since you can only record up to 2 minutes per recording, which might not even be enough to dial in your audio setting correctly before speaking. If you want to record more than 2 minutes, it's €12 per Month.

🔍 Alternative 1: Craig

There isn't much competition when it comes to Audio Recording bots on Discord, mainly because we think using Audacity and setting it to record your desktop audio is a lot easier, however for those of you who want to go down the bot route, Craig is thankfully by your side.

Craig lets you record up to 6 hours and save the resulting file for up to 7 days during which time you can download it to your computer locally. It can record in multiple different file types if you prefer your audio-free and lossless.

The premium options for being in a virtual monopoly are really reasonable too. For only $1 per Month, you can have your audio files saved for 14 days and also let the bot generate a video along with your recording to glow the user avatar that is currently speaking as if you were sitting in the Voice Channel along with the participants!

💵 Craig Premium starts at $1 per Month for longer file saving and video generation. $5 per Month gives you 24-hour record times and some automation features. $8 per Month does nothing apart from allowing you to record in FLAC.

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