🔍 Overview

Sapphire is a unique and versatile bot that has been developed in only a year. It has a powerful yet slightly outdated dashboard, but it still effectively fulfills its intended purpose. The dashboard personally isn't as easily accessible as some other competitors but for that it is a lot more featureful. Unlike some simpler bots, Sapphire emphasizes customization, which may slightly compromise its ease of use.

Despite its minor drawbacks, Sapphire is an excellent all-around bot with a wide range of features, including manual and automatic moderation, social media notifications, join roles, reaction roles, custom commands, and much more.

🤔 Who It's For

Sapphire is a little more complex to understand and will require a time investment to make the most of it. As such we recommend it for more advanced Discord Admins or for those who want to learn how to use some of it's more advanced features.

💵 Price

Sapphire has a unique monetization model where they offer Custom Branding in exchange for money. In my opinion this is an excellent way of incentivizing a more premium Bot but without compromising it's features.

The only major drawback is that the price increases as the server size increases, I suspect to offset the potential loss of new users from the lack of branding on larger servers.

Therefore the optional price is €5 - €15 per Month

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