👑Reaction Roles

👑 MEE6

We're not entirely sure what you can do with the MEE6 Automation feature since it's a Premium feature and doesn't show us what you can configure if you have Premium. They describe it as: "Let your members self-assign roles linked to permissions, notifications, or just for fun." and it costs €12 per Month.

🔍 Alternative 1: Discord itself...

In a bizarre turn of events, Discord implemented Reaction Roles of sorts themselves. In order to have this feature you need to make your server a Community Server which is completely free and does nothing to make your server more 'public' if that's a concern.

From there you need to set up the 'Onboarding' section until you come to the part labeled 'Customisation Questions' which lets you then create Reaction Roles for your members. In some ways, it's even better since it presents the option to add roles before they enter the rest of your server and there really is no way to skip past them.

💵 It's free, unless it becomes a Discord Nitro restriction somehow...

🔍 Alternative 2: Maki

If you absolutely need a bot that does reaction roles in the traditional style, Maki is a solid option that does a lot more than just reaction roles.

You can create up to 10 reaction roles with any roles you like, and using the dashboard you can even send a message yourself, copy the message link, and tell Maki to add on reaction roles later on!

💵 You get 10 messages to add Reaction Roles to. For €7 per Month, you can increase that limit to 100.

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