👑 MEE6

We're not entirely sure what you can do with the MEE6 Ticketing feature since it's a Premium feature and doesn't show us what you can configure if you have Premium. They describe it as: "Streamline and organize the support process and allow users to submit support requests." and it costs €12 per Month.

🔍 Alternative 1: Ticket King

A Ticket Bot is supposed to help you stay organized when creating support requests or when a user wants to contact moderators privately to report a certain issue. Ticket King is a great solution to this and its web dashboard lets you set up a 'Ticket Panel' which your users will interact with to generate a ticket with ease.

It lets you save transcripts and claim tickets so moderators don't get confused with who is handling which ticket, lets you set the category in which each ticket is created a lot more!

The only drawback is that the free version is only limited to letting you generate one panel, meaning if you want to have two ticketing systems for, for example, user reports and then user suggestions you'll need to pay for the premium.

💵 The Premium Ticket King costs $5 per Month or $50 Lifetime

🔍 Alternative 2: Helper.gg

Helper.gg is a solid Ticketing Bot as well that has some unique features that Ticket King doesn't, such as letting admins view statistics of the tickets that are being generated, a web overview of all past and currently in progress Tickets, and a whole load of interesting customization features.

Unfortunately some really helpful automation features such as automatically closing a ticket after a certain time without a response has passed and closing a ticket when a user leaves the server are locked behind a premium model.

What also is concerning is that Helper.gg is only one bot amongst a planned many different bots made by a company, Parent.gg. This means that avid developers are not running it but a company made to make a profit which could lead to the same sort of practices that MEE6 has adopted in the future, but for now, it's a good enough bot to use.

💵 Helper.gg's Premium is $4 per Month for Ticket Automation and Translation, and for a total of $6 per Month, their Supreme upgrade gives you complete bot customization.

🔍 Alternative 3: Tickety;

Tickety is a handy tool for Discord servers. You can close tickets for free when a user leaves, claim tickets easily, assign multiple support roles to a single panel, and assign each panel its own category. It comes with both an in-discord editor and a user-friendly dashboard for your convenience. Plus, you can check your server's history from the web panel. You also have no ticket limit and a max of 25 panels on the free plan which seems fair. It's possible to create autoresponders (or custom commands) for free. They can either work in all of the channels or ticket-only channels, require a specific role to use, and more.

Some of the useful features like automatically closing a ticket after a set time without a user response, are part of the premium version.

💵 Tickety's Premium is $6 per Month, 40$ per Year, or 70$ Lifetime. The premium plan also includes complete bot customization.

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