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Music Quiz/Guess The Song - Jockie Music

Apart from this bot being a conventionally good music bot with an absolute ass-load of features, the one we're showcasing now is the Guess The Song, or the Music Quiz feature. Not only can you create music quizzes for free, but you can choose to not include certain genres of music, or only include specific genres. You can also specify from which era of music history you're most knowledgeable, and you can even include a Spotify playlist and let the bot determine the style of music you want! Lastly, you can determine the winning number of songs guessed correctly, and the number of songs in total! Price: $0

K-Pop Music Quiz - K-pop Music Quiz

While this is limiting in terms of the genre of music, we still think it's better than MEE6's offering in some very significant regards. Getting started is as simple as joining a voice channel and running the start command. There are 2 different modes, team and elimination mode, where in elimination mode you can also customize the timer the remaining players have to answer. There is also an EXP system to reward good players, special EXP modifiers and so much more. This bot is infinitely more customizable than MEE6's music quiz offering, even if it only plays K-pop. Price: $0

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