👑Statistics Channel

👑 MEE6

We're actually not entirely sure what you can do with the MEE6 Statistics Channel feature since it's a Premium feature and doesn't show us what you can configure if you have Premium. They describe it as: "Display your server's or social's statistics directly in the sidebar and stay on track." and it costs €12 per Month.

🔍 Alternative 1: Statbot

Statbot is a full-package statistics bot that lets you track so many different things about your Discord server, however, for now, we're going to stick to the Statistics Channel feature which they call "Statdocks".

On the surface, they have a very well-designed Menu and Button system for setting up your Statdock, and you can set up counters for member statistics, server statistics, and even different timezones. However, for Social statistics, it is again Premium only.

The monetization is a little weird, however, since you can "pick and choose" which upgrades you want for your Statbot instance.

💵 If in this case you only want the Statdock upgrade, it's only $3 per Month or if you want the full package it's a very uneven $12.71 per Month.

🔍 Alternative 2: ServerStats

ServerStats is a very neat bot that does a lot of what the MEE6 Statistics Channel is probably also doing. Using it you can create non-functioning voice channels (The only type of channel that doesn't use dashes and all lowercase) to create a sort of tracking of certain statistics you want to have displayed to the whole server.

The reason ServerStats isn't quite as complete is that it only allows you to create counters that measure things about your own Discord server. In order to count for example the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel you need to pay for Premium. Therefore if you only want to count those kinds of statistics, it's a good alternative.

💵 €2.50 - €5 per Month depending on the Tier that unlocks more channels to set up.

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