The bread and butter of moderating a discord server, is blocking links to other discord servers. Auttaja not only blocks server invites and external links, it has a web dashboard aswell and will quickly become your new favourite moderation bot! Block advertisements, Excess capitals, staff nukes, quick-join bocking (Raids), anti-link shorteners, anti-spam, anti-zalgo, bad link protection, mention spam and bad nickname blocking! Price: $0
This bot is a great, easy to use moderation bot, including pre-made filters for an even easy setup time including URL, Invite, Swearing, Offensive & Inappropriate language filters. Gaius will also always be on the lookout for phishing or scamming links globally, so you don't have to risk your IP or your computer to find out if the link is trustworthy. On top of all of that it also offers NSFW image detection on top of the Discord built-in NSFW detection. It has the whole suite of manual moderation commands to keep your moderators organized, automatic anti-raid countermeasures, user verification and so much more! Price: $0
Last modified 3mo ago