Custom Commands

Custom Commands - Dyno

Dyno is still one of the most comprehensively complex and feature-rich free Discord bot out there. While the free tier of Mee6 only offers 3 custom commands, Dyno custom commands are as far as we can tell, limitless! You can change how the command will react to the user, change who can execute the command and where, add cooldowns and arguments, and add a whole bunch of variables and advanced variables that can make your custom command positively sophisticated! Price: $0

Custom Commands #2 - Sapphire

Sapphire is quite a robust custom command bot, though it only offers the more 'basic' custom command functionalities such as replying with text in a variety of manners and role management for the user who requested the command. If you already have Sapphire in your server, or it's functionality is all that you're looking for, it's a solid choice. Price: $0

Custom Commands #3 - Atlas

Atlas' custom commands are super versatile, and come with a dashboard that is clean and easy to understand, while locking nothing in their "Actions" settings behind a paywall. In their documentation they offer an inexhaustible list of tags or parameters that you can use in your responses. It has a whole host of trigger types, restrictions and action flags, and even lets you add multiple scripts within the same action or custom command. The only premium restriction is that you are limited to 25 total actions, but for only $5 a month you can increase that limit to 50. Price: $0
Custom Commands Atlas