Leveling - Pepe Manager

The one reason everyone knows Mee6, and probably the most restrictive “feature”. Mee6 doesn’t let you assign roles as a reward, doesn’t let you change the XP rate, doesn’t let admins give or take away XP, and lacks some pretty keys customization features! Pepe Manager is a new take for server leveling, completely free and unrestrictive. It lets you single out specific channels where members can gain XP, gives a comprehensive leaderboard embedded message with pagination up to 100 members, a user-friendly image-based leveling card that fits right into Discords design, custom role rewards for reaching certain levels, custom role reward for the highest ranking person on the server each day, channel and role multipliers, and tons more in-depth customization! Price: $0

Leveling #2 - Polaris

Polaris is another great free alternative for Mee6 leveling, and like Pepe Manager allows you to import your leveling leaderboard from it, itself and from a defunct bot by the same developer, RoboTop. It has many of the same features like changing the XP curve, adding channel and role multipliers, leveling rewards, online leaderboard, custom level up messages, and a lot more! Price: $0

Leveling #2 - ActivityRank

ActivityRank is another great dedicated leveling bot with deep customization. It lets you set exactly how you want users to gain XP and what to do with that XP, like for example recieving roles when they reach a certain level. ActivityRank lets you change XP per activity, muted XP, deafend XP, solo XP, invisible XP, bonus time and bonus XP, noXP roles and channels, role assign messages, level up messages and so so much more. Even though ActivityRank does have a premium version, all of it's XP related commands are free to use! Price: $0
Leveling ActivityRank
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