Music - Jockie Music

Jockie Music is the one-stop-shop for almost all of your music needs! Although it can be a little tough to get to know all of it's commands and configuration steps, the sheer level of customization is almost unnecessary. Not only that but the website provides a robust and easy to use documentation so with a bit of reading you'll be able to configure Jockie Music to act exactly how you want it to. Jockie Music was also initially created to be a system of bots joining together to act as one. One system of commands for 4 or more bots so you don't need to change prefixes for each new music bot you want to add to your multitude of channels! Price: $0

Music #2 - Green-bot

Green-bot might be a little new to the block but it is a surprisingly easy to use music bot with slash commands and a super intuitive web-dashboard to play music like you're on Spotify with your friends! However what Green-bot wins for simplicity it looses in design as the web dasboard unfortunately does not look exactly "finished". It also locks quite a few features behind a paid premium subscription such as autoplay, track announcements, 24/7 music and more. Price: $0

Music #3 - Chip Bot

Chip Bot is a long standing totem of the free music bot pillar. It packs a ton of command features into a free all-in-one package, however unfortunately does not innovate where Green-bot and Jockie Music have, yet still delivers a complete package including audio filters, 24/7, autoplay, configuration and more. Price: $0