🔍 Overview

Cakey Bot is a unique and customizable Discord bot that has existed since 2016. It has many features and is a drop-in replacement for most of MEE6's features. While still missing some features, the bot is actively maintained, and the developers welcome feedback and suggestions from the user base. Unlike most bots, Cakey Bot provides all the base features for free and only locks some cosmetic customization and higher limits behind their premium offering.

Despite its minor drawbacks, Cakey Bot is an excellent all-around bot with numerous features, including automatic moderation, an advanced leveling system, social media notifications, custom achievements, powerful autoresponders, and more.

🤔 Who It's For

Cakey Bot is entirely customizable and designed to primarily be a drop-in replacement for MEE6, meaning most users should find it relatively easy to migrate to. In addition, Cakey Bot has a very detailed wiki covering every feature and several in-depth tutorial video guides on their YouTube channel. It should be easy for most average users to learn and provide a good balance for small and large servers.

💵 Price

Every core feature in Cakey Bot is FREE. The only things locked behind premium are higher limits on the features or extra cosmetic changes. For example, every server can use the Social Feeds and create one feed for each website type; however, premium users can create unlimited feeds.

Cakey Bot allows most users to use every aspect of the bot without paying anything while still allowing the bot to gain some income from large servers that require higher limits than the average server.

Premium - $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year

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